Water Features & Ponds

High quality ponds start with a high quality installation, and Vreeland Brothers Landscaping has the expertise to construct your pond or water feature to provide years upon years of enjoyment. Using only the highest quality pumps and liners, we stand behind every water feature we construct, and we are always available for any service or maintenance you may require. We have the ability to bring in any custom stone you request to give your pond a unique appearance. In addition, Vreeland Brothers Landscaping is knowledgable in integrating water features with swimming pools, creating fish ponds, and creating "pond-less" water features. Contact us today for more information regarding ponds and water features.

More About Us

Vreeland Brothers Landscaping is the best and most professional choice for your landscaping needs. We have been serving our New Jersey customers since 1982, and we provide the greatest care and attention to detail while working on your property.

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Contact us directly through our website, and one of our friendly owners will respond to you shortly. We are available for site consultations, planning and construction, property maintenance, and all other facets of managing your landscape needs.