Residential Leaf Vacuuming

Is your home in need of large scale leaf removal? Have you ever seen the town crews out vacuuming up leaves and thought "This is what I need at my home?" Vreeland Brothers Leaf Vacuuming Service is the answer!

We own & maintain our own 16 cubic yard municipal grade leaf vacuum for those large fall cleanups where traditional raking and blowing just aren't feasible.

Our leaf vacuuming service is intended for large properties, and usually with a minimum volume of about 4 cubic yards of leaves. For smaller properties, there may be a base charge to bring the equipment out. Give us a call to discuss and have one of our owners stop by to take a look.

Our leaf vacuum is very efficient. Jobs can usually be scheduled for pickup within a week, and most jobs are completed in less than a day.

As with all Vreeland Brothers services, our own employees operate our equipment, so there is no guesswork on quality and scheduling.

Give us a call today to discuss leaf vacuuming services at your home.

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